Heart Nebula (IC 1805, Sh 2-190) by Andrea Girones (2021-10)

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Acquired near Ottawa.

From https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3019021585052307&set=pb.10000833...

THE HEART NEBULA also known as IC1805 in the constellation Cassiopeia.
I tried and tried last year to get this one and knew i would return. Like how often do you find a heart emoji in space???

This was shot during a 95% moon so I used filters to try an lessen the effect of the bright moon. Plus i tried my new portable mount the CEM26 which is a super amazing lil mount.
What a lovely summer night. I am really not ready for winter to come yet ( other than the long nights)

ASI2600MC one shot colour camera
redcat51, 51 mm refractor
#optolong LEnhance filter ( duo band filter ) allowing hydrogen and oxygen to pass.
Mount CEM26
Acquisition and guiding software ASIAIR
Processed in Pixinsight

REDUX: https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/asi2600mcpro?__eep__=6&__tn__=*NK*F

The Heart nebula! Again!

It never fails, when you try to process your data a few days later it’s always better than when you are sleep deprived!
Shot with the #asi2600mcpro and the #redcat51
Under a 94%moon and the L-enhance dual band filter
Life is complicated these days remind those around you that you care