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Acquired near Ottawa.

Has anyone been keeping an eye on Jupiter lately?

Well, I have and it is absolutely magnificent these days. During the month of August 1 had noticed off and on just how colorful it was since opposition.
Then on the evening of September 12/13, while whiling away some time at IRO, I though an attempt at sketching the planet might be in order.

For approximately 1 hour, between 20:30 and 21:30, I sat at the eyepiece (12 mm Koenig) of the 16-inch and between periods of alternately steady and unsteady seeing, managed to create the drawing you see page 9 . At
times the planet appeared to be brilliant with shades of orange and rust, with pale yellow and cream colours around the north and south limbs. The dark areas in the centre of the planet ranged from rusty orange to pale orange, with a very deep rust coloured streak on the lower belt in the southeast.

All through the belts were tiny thread-like lines and streamers in variations of orange and light rust, and in one area a small grey patch with pink threads was evident. Whether or not this was the Great Red Spot, I'm
not sure.

This was the first time I had ever attempted to sketch the surface of a planet in any detail.
It is a thoroughly pleasant passtime and I would encourage anyone with access to a telescope to give it a try.

(Scanned from monochrome reproduction in AstroNotes)