Lion Nebula (Sh 2-132) by Andrea Girones (2021-10)

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The Lion nebula in SHO
This is a faint nebula known as Sharpless 2- 132 in Cepheus. Last month I posted a images composed of Hydrogen and Oxygen emission. Last night I gathered data in Sulphur and thus can make a false colour image in the SHO hubble palette
Sulphur is RED
Hydrogen is GREEN
Oxygen is Blue

The processing was tricky due to the dense starfield, which makes the image noisier than it really is. However it is still a fun and beautiful target.

There is a CLEAR oxygen ( blue component) that is all alone in the data. It could use like 15 more hours but honestly who has time for that!!

3 hours of sulphur data showed almost nothing after stacking. Maybe I keep adding data every year!

The Sharpless catalog is a list of 313 H II regions (emission nebulae) intended to be comprehensive north of declination −27°. The first edition was published in 1953 with 142 objects (Sh1), and the second and final version was published by US astronomer Stewart Sharpless in 1959 with 312 objects. Sharpless also includes some planetary nebulae and supernova remnants, in addition to H II regions.

WO redcat51 telescope
ASI2600MMPro, Gain 100 sensor -10
30x 300s HA
30x300S Oiii
30x300s Sii
Calibrated and Processed in Pixinsight