3D stereo pairs of lunar features

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These 3-D images by JIm and Paul from last night's (5 March 2021) meeting are presented so that folks can have another go resolving them as 3D stereo pairs.

To see the effect, click on one of the images for a full-screen view. Perhaps try the third or fourth image down in the list. These contain a bit of text and that may make the effect easier to initially resolve. Sit squarely in front of your display about 1-1.5 meters away and focus on the black line dividing the left and right panels. Slowly cross your eyes slightly and you'll notice the text from both sides trying to merge. Try to bring the text completely together and into focus. Tilting your head slightly to the left or right can help to align things. If you can get the text into focus, the whole view should then also be in focus and become very three-dimensional. You can then look around the image and explore!