Dominion Observatory Preservation Update - Sharon Odell (2021 November)


Observation Reports 2021-11

Thanks to our observers: 

Dave Chisholm
Andrea Girones
Jim Sofia
Richard Taylor
Rick Wagner
Bob Olson
Taras Rabarskyi
Paul Klauninger

Timelapse Photography - Pavel Boudreau (2021 November)


Narrowband Imaging - Paul Klauninger (2021 November)


Meeting Video 2021 - November

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Observing Challenges for November

Year Beginner Intermediate Advanced Lunar
2021 Messier 30
Globular cluster in Capricornus
7.7 apparent magnitude
12’ in diameter
Spiral Galaxy in Sculptor
8th magnitude
27.5’ x 6’.8 apparent size
11.4 Million light years away
Andromeda’s Globulars
The globular clusters of the Andromeda Galaxy -30 catalogued in the Hodge atlas and the Revised Bologna Catalogue of M31 Globular Clusters and Candidates
 How many can you spot?
Montes Carpatus
Mountain range just north of Crater Copernicus, on the
southern edge of Mare Imbrium
Approximately 361km long
2020 Messier 52
Open cluster in Cassiopeia